2 Days in New York


photo_10Monday nights Pete has a bowling league with his buddies, that leaves me to an empty house (with Cosmo and Addison, my cat) a bottle of wine and movie.  It’s nice to have a night of solitude.  This week I watched 2 Days in New York, I really enjoyed it.  It’s a great rainy night and bottle of wine movie.

 I love the ending dialogue Julie Delphi’s character has, “If you live your life with one person only, one day they will be gone or you will be gone and you will be left all alone in the cold. The family we are born in eventually vanishes and by then you have created your own family.  We can do all the growing up we can, at the end at the core we stay the same. But before that sad ending that awaits all of us, maybe we can share beautiful moments with the people we love.”


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