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Especially as I get older and careers, husbands, babies, moving to new places are happening I realize how important it is to take a weekend to just appreciate yourself and your girlfriends.  When we are single, we are probably having a lot of girls night outs, and wild nights, but there is something different about going on a trip together, it’s a bonding experience and a time to really focus on your friendships and be there for each other.

As we get into serious relationships we tend to go through that dependance phase where we can’t bare to be away from our boyfriend, it’s funny because the boys seem like they never have a problem going on a guys trip if it comes up. This is a time more than ever we should go  just to bring our heads out of the clouds and learn to appreciate our girlfriends again, after all, they are going to be the ones there if the relationship starts to go south.

Then we get into the family stage, marriage and kids, the whole shebang.  Again, it’s funny men never seem like they have a problem going away for work, taking a golfing trip ect…but as women we tend to feel guilt and make so many excuses.  Getting away for a weekend with your friends can be so therapeutic. Taking a little time off to laugh the only way you do with your friends, to vent and actually have someone listen to you, to rest and revive yourself, will make you a better mom, partner, just person in the end.  It’ll bring you back. If only once a year for a weekend, it’s important to do something for yourself and spend some time appreciating the women in you life who have always been there and will always be there. I promise, you won’t regret it, it will be something you will carry with you and will make you smile for the rest of your life.



Some Girl’s Only Going Away Tips

1. Stop making the “I can’t afford it” excuse.  This is the #1 excuse for missing out on so many experiences. Everytime I have ever made this excuse, I have regretted to no end.  I end up spending the money that could’ve bought me a trip anyone on clothes or something else.  The thing is, I have never regretted going on a trip or spending the money to do so after it’s all said and done. Here’s some ways you can afford it: 1. Book with one of the deal websites like Guilt Group or Groupon. 2.Go somewhere you have a place to stay. If a family member or someone you can ask has a condo somewhere ask to borrow it and pay to have it cleaned after. 3. Again, if you or your friends have a family member that lives somewhere cool, see if they wouldn’t mind letting you and a couple of friends stay for a weekend, more times than not, they won’t mind. 4. If your friends all live in different zip codes now, rotate whose home town you visit.

2. Stop feeling guilty! This one is mostly for the moms….look your child is going to miss you, they love you, they also miss you when you drop them off at daycare or have a babysitter come, but they get over it, right? You going away for a weekend is not going to cause abandonment issues of the psychological problems you think.  Little kids have no concept of time, remember how long it took for Christmas to come as a child and how fast it comes as an adult? It gives your kids some bonding time with dad or grandparents, it’s good for them and when you return they are going to be over joyed to see you!! For those without kids, the guilt probably comes from missing work or spending money.  Again, the office is not going to implode if you miss a day, it doesn’t if you are sick and can’t go, does it? The money issue seems to be again more of a woman guilt than a guy.  Look, you worked hard for your money, spend it on yourself and don’t feel bad, you deserve it!

3. Stop worrying!! Again, this one can go with the guilt.  Your work will be there when you get back, you may have a busy week when you get back, but what’s new?  If you are a new mom, I promise, your husband is not going to forget to feed the baby, leave the baby somewhere and forget or do any of the awful things that you are imagining.  It’s good for both the baby and dad to have some bonding time.  It will be fine, dad may be a little tired and frustrated after the weekend but it won’t kill him to spend a couple days in your shoes.



Trip Ideas

1. The beach.  This one is a no brainer, laying in the sun, having a cocktail, laughing till it hurts with your besties…what could be better? Between Florida, Mexico, Cali, Bahamas ect….there are so many options for this too, so it makes it easy to find a deal.

2. Vegas! It’s not just for the boys!! Let loose for once! AND, there’s are many perks in Vegas when it’s just a group of girls, easy ins to the clubs, free drinks…I love being a girl!

3. NYC, Chicago, L.A. This one may be a little more pricy of an option…especially if you are going to want to shop, and don’t kid yourself, you are going to want to shop! Again, you can find great deals on hotels, plays and entertainment. Just do a little research. Also, mani/pedis, Sex in the City or maybe Girls (that could be a little scary) moments…sounding good yet?

4. Wine tasting. Like Sideways but with the girls! Think out of the box on this one, sure Napa is great, but there is also Sonoma, Wilmette Valley in Oregan is amazing, Traverse City Michigan and upstate NY have a lot of wineries.  Again, do some research if you are on a budget.

5. Spa Weekend. Again, this one is probably going to be more pricey, but I can guarantee it’s worth it! You can find deals, there are great places to spa all over the country.


Have you been on a girls vacay recently, any ideas other ideas for the ladies?



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