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You Got to Laugh A Little



It’s probably pretty apparent that adults laugh less than children, just walk by a recess at a nearby school and listen and go back to your office and listen, I am sure you will find the results of many studies to be true.  While we can consciously inhibit it laughter, we know it is an extension of playing. One reason children probably laugh more is because they play more.  When we laugh, we’re often communicating playful intent. Also laughter is social and contagious. We laugh at the sound of laughter itself. That’s why the Tickle Me Elmo doll is such a success — it makes us laugh and smile. Which means unlike children, most of the people we surround ourselves with on a day to day basis, like in the workplace also are not laughing.  Laughter is not only about humor, it has been proven in studies that it is also about the relationships between people. It is the universal language and something we are not taught but just comes to us at a very young age, it’s a way for infants to communicate with their caregivers.  Laughter has a bonding function within individuals in a group. Does this also mean as adults we are not fulling bonding with each other as we did as children?

I read a beautiful article this morning on one of my favorite blog sites,, that inspired me to write this morning.  It was titled ‘Choose Humor, Not Drama’.  Then I started thinking, it seems like the older I get I see in myself and others around me, that we tend to dramatize so many situations.  It’s almost as though we thrive on the sympathy of others, like we feel like we are forming a bond and being cared for the more miserable our lives become.  But what if we changed that and started laughing more, and formed our bonds with happiness not misery.  The author of the article says we should cure the drama of our lives through playful interactions like watching cartoons more.  Although, you are probably not going to put Sponge Bob Square Pants in your rotation of things to do, what he was saying was to LIGHTEN UP!! To learn to laugh at this up-side down world and all the madness that comes our way.  And not to do so as a way to meditate and enlighten ourselves, that just takes the fun out of it, but to do so to accept ourselves faults and all and realize we are okay.

I thought it was a great article to read on a Monday morning, hopefully to bring attention to the little joys in life and bring some playfulness and joy to your week.  If you would like to read more, here is an article by NBC news on why we laugh.   Remember laughter is contagious….spread the joy!

Happy Monday!


(Reference articles by NBC News and, picture by Care2)

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