Layering Rings I am in love with these stacking rings from Catbird jewerly out of Brooklyn! They are my new accessory obsession! I bought myself a rose gold knuckle ring to … Continue Reading →


have a good weekend.

Mo’Poppin Any big plans for your weekend? I am in NYC again, for my sister’s birthday. We are seeing the Broadway show Matilda! I have had Man on Fire by … Continue Reading →


Green Gazpacho

A Late Summer Treat This is one of my favorite recipes from the Meadowlarks. I made this green gazpacho last night with our CSA goodies and my new Vitamix. This … Continue Reading →


Detroit, the come back kid

We Built This City….. We just returned from a weekend in Detroit and everything you are hearing about the city is true, yes, it is very vacant and run down … Continue Reading →


have a good weekend.

A Mo Pop Festival Weekend Got any big plans for the weekend?  Pete and I are driving to Detroit to see a music fest with Edward Sharp and the Magnetic … Continue Reading →


Fresh Parsley Sauce

Detox Sauce After a long weekend in the Hampton’s I am in dyer need of some healthy food and detoxing.  Luckily, the recipe in our CSA this week was exactly … Continue Reading →


What to Be Wearing Now

 Some Not-So-Summer Outfits Sorry for the hiatus, I’ve been in New York and having internet problems, but I am back now! Also, I am working on vamping up my sight for … Continue Reading →


Salsa Verde

Tomatillo Salsa This is the easiest salsa in the world to make and uses very few ingredients. We received all the goods for the salsa in our CSA last night … Continue Reading →


Film Fest Film Review

 Two Thumbs Up??? Sorry for the lack of posts last week…it was a crazy busy one with yoga and movies and film fest parties.  Here is my reviews of the … Continue Reading →


Vegan Dill and Garlic Mashed Potatoes

  Creamy Vegan Potatoes The weather has been pretty fall-esc here and our CSA has been stocking us up on organic yukon potatoes and lots of fresh garlic, and I … Continue Reading →