Thanksgiving in Idaho

Sun Valley Thanksgiving


Sorry for the hiatus, like most everyone, we had a busy week of traveling and entertaining.  This year I went with Pete to celebrate Thanksgiving with his family in Sun Valley Idaho.  I know Thanksgiving is over and we are on to Christmas and Haunakah, but I wanted to share our Thanksgiving. It was our first year to host, Pete has a condo in Sun Valley.  Here’s a peak at our celebration.






We don’t really have any kind of decorations at the condo and I wanted to make it festive but easy since we were going to be traveling and not have a lot of time to decorate.  We had two tables to accommodate 23 people.  The main table is already so great, it’s one of the rustic tables from Restoration Hardware, but with all the grooves we were afraid of spills so I bought this simple neutral linen table cloth from Pottery Barn.  I like simplicity, we had a huge group so I didn’t want to over crowd the table.  I found these gold and silver ceramic pumpkins at Pier One and just borrowed the vases from Pete’s sister and made both center pieces flowers.  The name cards I got from different ideas on Pintrest, they were super easy to make.  I just bought tags, a gold pen, a couple of stamps and the left over herbs from cooking, like rosemary, thyme and oregano. The gold chargers are just from Micheal’s, I also saw them at Target and Pier One.




IMG_7363The second table was all done last minute with help from Pete’s sister and her friend.  We borrowed a fold out table and table cloth.  We had bought these fall colored place mats that happened to go perfect with the borrowed napkins.  I got a more colorful fall boutique the little owl tea lights came from Pier One.  I was a little worried how we were going to fit so many people in his condo.  Worrying is such a waste of energy, in the end everything just works itself out.

Food and Drink




We did a pot luck deal, everyone brought a couple of dishes and everything was so good and of course we had way to much! Pete’s sister made a cocktail called a Hot Pedro.  She got the idea from a local bar in Sun Valley.  She soaked serrano peppers in tequila for 15 days, muddled lime into the tequila, topped with soda water, simple syrup, and a slice of jalepeno.  Trust me, this drink will clear your sinuses!

Here is what I made:

IMG_7376I love stuffing, I got this recipe from Whole Foods.  It’s a good take on a classic bread stuffing but is so good with the shallots, mushrooms and herbs.  I used bread croutons from a local bakery instead of making my own to cut time and added about a cup more of vegetable broth with a teaspoon of vegetable “not-chicken” chicken bouillon.  It was great, but I would’ve used even more broth next time, we like it a little more moist than this, but the recipe is very flavorful.

IMG_7372Being vegetarian, I am all about the sides, which usually consist of a carb overload.  I wanted to have a healthy option in there so I went with beets.  They are so easy to make, just cover each with foil, roast in the oven on about 400 depending on size about 45min-hour.  I made these the night before to save time and they need to cool anyway.  Then that day just chop, add a good olive oil and balsamic and I topped with fresh cut rosemary for the holiday flavor.  A little salt and pepper to taste and voila!

IMG_7373Speaking of carb overload, this is why I love Thanksgiving.  I love potatoes in all forms.  Sweet potato casserole is my favorite dish ever, but Pete’s mom had that under control, so I went with mashed potatoes.  I use olive oil and the cooking water from the potatoes instead of cream.  I made up a recipe with a mix of Martha Stewart’s Olive Oil Sage Potatoes and my dill vegan potatoes from this summer.  I did use regular organic butter this time because it was all we had, I couldn’t tell a difference between the vegan version.  I made the sage potatoes but wasn’t thrilled about the sage flavor so I sautéed some fresh cut rosemary and minced garlic with a olive oil and added that in too.  Much better!  I would change these to olive oil, garlic and rosemary potatoes.  Let me know if you need help on the recipe, they are fantastic!

IMG_7371I needed something green on my plate, brussel sprouts are so in season right now.  Pete sent me this recipe from one of my favorite food blogs, Thug Kitchen.  I followed exactly and it was everyone’s favorite.  Great to heat up the next day too!  You may also get a kick out of reading the recipe.



Besides eating, drinking, cooking and football, Pete’s condo has 2 giant hot tubs on his roof over looking the mountains.  Although most people are keen on getting into a bathing suit right after eating Thanksgiving dinner, after drinking a hot pedro nobody cared!

IMG_7391Cosmo had a good time and a full belly.  He was just as pooped as I was by the end!

That was our Thanksgiving, how was yours?  Any epic moments, great recipes or decor ideas for next year?


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