Winter Soles

Keeping Our Paws Warm


With this crazy winter vortex sweeping the nation now is a good time to invest in a pair of functional winter shoes.  Functional doesn’t have to mean unflattering.  Here are some good options to keep your piggies warm and fashionable.




These are the mother of winter boots.  These are what you wear when a pesky winter vortex sweeps through and brings snow up to your ears.  I am a fan of the Joan of Arctic style, , I live in an all black pair during the long Michigan winter.  Sorel even made wedged Joans…pretty sweet, probably not as functional if you are out walking in the snowy woods but looks great for a warm night out! You do feel a little like Big-Foot in them, but any really warm shoe you are probably going to.  This newest riding style is what I have had my eye on all winter.  Waterproof but looks more like a fall leather boot than a winter warm one.

Joan of Arctic $150

Slimpack Riding Boot $210

Joan of Arctic Wedge $270

Duck Boots



I have no idea why these are called duck boots, I am assuming it has something to do with hunting.  Anyway, I love the way they look with skinny jeans.  They aren’t to clunky, running more narrow than other winter boots.  These are great for stomping around the city on those extra chilly days but won’t get you to far in a blizzard.  I like the Sperry for JCrew, be cautious they do run narrow (I suggest sizing up) and L.L. Bean has been making them for years.

Sperry for J Crew $150

L.L Bean Shearling Lined Boots $189

Hunter Boots meet Rag and Bone






These babies are actually pretty warm with a proper liner.  Like Uggs, forget the socks with the fleece liner, they end up being warmer this way.  The best news for Hunter this season is Rag and Bone designed a style for them….have I mentioned how much I love Rag and Bone.

Rag and Bone for Hunter Tall Boots $295; Rag and Bone for Hunter Short Boot $132 on sale (both at The Dreslyn)

Fleece Welly Socks $40 (Zappos)






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