A Snowy Weekend Ahead



Well it’s warming up a little, that’s good news.  Maybe try embracing the snow, how about a snow angel?  If you are in the northern part of the country, make sure to look up this weekend, may catch yourself a glimpse of the Northern Lights!




An oldie but goodie.  Ryan Adams is one of my top favorite singers of all time.  During these grey days I started playing him again and remembered how much I do love him.  If you haven’t listened much to his music, here is one of my all time favorite songs of his, Come Pick Me Up.


This Week’s Favorite Web Reading 

I know we are all detoxing in the New Year, but just in case …I found a few I’d like to try, and can attest to #’s 10,12 and 13

Start the year out with a new beauty routine, I implemented #9 late last year and my skin is already better

Black Halo turned their beloved Jackie O dress into a romper!? Yes please!!

A perfect in season farmer’s market meal

and if you’re still cooped up from the cold

Have a good weekend!

(Ryan Adams picture by blood shot records )

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