Faux Feathered Earrings

Boho Style Up-Cycled


Just back from Lollapalooza in Chicago where I donned my new faux feather earrings.  I love the boho look of feather earrings especially if no animals were harmed in making them and especially if they are made from up-cycled bike tires.  Eco and cool, love it!! These little feathers are perfect for any summer festival, look awesome with just a t-shirt and basically most anything else to add a little bohemian to your outfit.  Find on Etsy store The Gem State.  Did I mention they are made from recycled bike tires…just wanted to reiterate that.




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  • india says:

    Thanks for the rave review and those are cute pics of you! I have updated my site on Etsy @ The Gem State. Please view all of my new and current items! Cheers!

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