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I was born in southern Indiana on the Kentucky border, making me a horse girl, not a car one.  We had a horse farm and I spent my days running barefoot outside and not coming in until I was made to.  I have an extreme love of nature and like to say it is the Native American influence my Great-Grandmother passed down to me (she was full Cherokee Indian).  After graduating from Indiana University in 2004, I moved to Chicago where I lived for 4 years before moving to NYC.  In New York I worked in the fashion Industry and received my Vinyasa yoga certification.

I try to live life to the fullest in every sense, but doing so in a respectful manner to the environment around me.  I have a passion for yoga and cooking healthy vegan and vegetarian meals.  I love to travel and will probably never stop moving around.  Life has been generous to me and I am fortunate enough to have so many great experiences that I want to share.  I started this blog to share my traveling experiences and maybe open up some new doors for others traveling goals.  I want to help you live the best you, through a healthy but fun lifestyle.  If you’re a foodie, in the vegetarian sense, an active person, an explorer, a music lover or a fashionista, please check out my blog…maybe you will find something you like.

“What good is living the life we’ve been given, if all we do is stand in one place?” – Lord Huron


If you have any comments or questions about my blog, please ask! I would love to hear from you!

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